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Meet the Thulium team.

Marcin - software developer

Tiredness of neverending calls and email exchanges pushed him out of corporate surroundings and into Thulium, where he can enjoy work in a small and agile team of software developers. Uncompromising, borderline obsessive approach to writing clean code earned him the nickname "Immutable".

In his spare time he plays the guitar and reads science books.

Dominika - technical writer

She took charge of our tech comm and produces new docs (and updates old ones) with remarkable success. Thanks to Dominika the knowledge about Thulium is orderly and well organized, and its volume increases every day. In her own words - she arrived at Thulium by pure chance and realized not without surprise that her individualistic spirit works in unison with an offbeat sense of humour of our devs.

Loves contemporary fiction, Jodi Picoult and Janusz L. Wiśniewski in particular. Enjoys listening to alternative rock, wants to attend Florence and the Machine gig one day.

Kuba - customer support team

One of the first and thereby most experienced admins. Likes Thulium’s atmosphere and people he’s been working with for many years. When he was a kid he wanted to become an adult as soon as possible, now he admires his parents for the way they brought him up.

Family barbecues, cigar aroma and sipping good whisky put him in relaxation mode. Dreams about travelling all over the former Eastern Bloc by car.

Klaudyna - customer support team

Solving riddles brings out her inner Dr House - not a single one is left unanswered. She diagnoses the technical problems of our customers, she’s really good at it and she really likes her job. Openness and commitment quickly won her trust within the company. She can watch Dr House all day, every day. She holds House in high esteem because of his determination to achieve goals and his smart, sarcastic remarks.

The Minions fangirl. PS4 gamer. Dreams about... dying happily.

Bartek - software development lead

He is software development lead at Thulium and one of the three owners. Has been coding since he got his first computer (Atari 800XL) when he was 8. He wanted to become a dev before he even knew what that meant.

Bridge enthusiast, board games addict and San Antonio Spurs fan. Wants to see them live one day.

Thulian - assistant to the board

Keeps his finger on the pulse, be it new functionalities, management decisions or sales processes. Has one single obsession - making our customers happy. He’s basically everywhere - conjuring up reports, testing new features, answering phones - always being his lovely inspiring self.

Whenever he’s got a spare minute he brews mean coffee and tells really bad jokes.

Grzesiek - customer support team

Likes assembling and repairing vehicles so that they can reach high speeds later. Dreams about family motorcycle travel. Likes DYI and repairing things, in particular all things electronic, but for the time being he puts most of his energies into building a house and raising his first child.

At Thulium Linux and complex computer network issues are his forte. Offbeat sense of humour is his trademark.

Marek - software developer

One of Thulium’s first admins. After years of struggle with Linux and servers he decided to verify his credentials as a creator and now he’s busy fulfilling himself as a writer of clean code. He knew he wanted to pursue a career in IT the moment he got his first Commodore 64.

In free time he helps his friends tame wayward servers and rides a bike. Would love to travel all over Europe by bike.

Andrzej - software developer

Aged 10, he got his first moped and knew straight away that riding on two wheels would be his cup of tea. A moped with a broken condenser? He’ll make it work by strapping a potato to the engine with a cable (true story). He uses his innate resourcefulness to code for Thulium.

Working with a close-knit team makes him happy, especially when fruits of their labour are enjoyed by so many people.

Renata - marketer

Renata, as befits a woman, takes care of the aesthetic side of things, with particular emphasis on how websites look. Has a passion for inventing, creating and introducing changes. Loves fruit and in summer months devours it in massive amounts (especially sweet cherries).

Values work and contact with people. Admires Jesper Juul and Brene Brown (yes, you don’t know those people, but you can google them) for their honest and respectful attitude towards life.

Mateusz - customer success manager

Knows tennis rankings perfectly, could recite the top 200s, men’s and women’s, in his sleep. Unfortunately, spends more time in front of the TV than on the tennis court. Loves useless knowledge, word games and long walks. Aims to explore the whole of Kraków on foot, he’s doing fine, 73% of the city’s streets is already under his belt.

Everything interests him as he claims, so at Thulium he’s being assigned various duties. Wants to be a safety pin which fastens all the departments together.

Marek - customer support team

Computers used to be his hobby, but they quickly became a vital part of his work, work which is giving him the opportunity to improve knowledge and abilities. Now, as an administrator, he lets our customers into the world of possibilities Thulium offers. He plays basketball since forever, he was dribbling already as a 5-year-old and he used to be on his high school’s team roster.

Enjoys listening to Polish rap. Collects autographs of his favourite artists instead of Pokemons. Loves spending time outdoors and breathing in fresh Cracovian air.

Marcin - new business manager

Likes relations in all shapes and forms, from chit-chats to silence full of understanding. It did not escape our attention that he plays darts very often and works somewhere in-between darts sessions. A camera, which doesn’t leave his hand and mind too often these days, gives him the opportunity to hunt for everything he considers beautiful.

Started living in the country not so long ago, close to Kraków, which, aside from unquestionable appeal of the move, gives him two hours daily to enjoy life on his way to work.

Piotr - software developer

His adventure with Thulium started in 2009, he was one of the first employees. In the early phase of Thulium’s development he was a dev, an admin and sort of an account manager. Nowadays his duties are restricted to coding, which together with his sanguine temperament mixes into a heady cocktail.

Has been playing volleyball (mainly its beach version) since good old school days and thus serving new functionalities to our customers is as easy as one-two-three for him.

Grzesiek - CTO

One of the three owners of the company. Whenever average Joe gets beaten by the complexities of a problem, he seems unfazed and overcomes them easily. Turned to sport at about forty years of age in an attempt to erase two decades off his face thanks to exciting challenges.

His goal is to complete an Ironman event and he knows he will do it one day. A couple of marathons and ½ Ironman are already behind him. Loves beer and often wonders about ways of reconciling it with sport.

Tomek - head of sales

Successfully mastered the art of sales, maybe that fact that he enjoys interaction with other people has something to do with this. Loves having his hands full of ambitious projects and observing how their delivery solves our customers’ problems.

Cycling gives him the opportunity to discover new places and find the one that will become his home for the rest of his life. Unorthodox ideas pop up in his head when he’s riding his bike, he later utilizes them at work.

Marek - CEO

The founder and one of the three owners of the company. Has no regard for the established order of things, wants to disrupt it every day and motivates others to question and change the way they act and think. Argues that constant development is extremely important. Believes that behind every single Thulium purchase should lie a deep conviction that it was a good decision, a great and a very much needed buy.

He has been climbing for 14 years and he loves how it offers a variety of roads one can choose and demands a combination of strength, agility and mental fortitude.

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